DLH98 for DOS

Note on newer DLH98 modules

DLH98 for Windows has switched to the new RAR 3.0 archive compression format. This is unsupported by DLH'98 for DOS and won't be added.

News 5th of August 2000 - v1.1 release

First the good news: new release v1.1.
What's new?

Now the bad news: No new features are being added to DLH'98 for Dos. There will only be bugfixes available in the future. Why? Because it has been almost 3 years since the DLH moved to Windows. Nowadays there are less and less people using just Dos and Windows 3.11. The current version can do anything the Windows version can (and sometimes even faster, but the difference isn't noticable anymore with those Gigahertz monsters). You can always try to ask for new features, but I believe the current version has everything.
Summing this up, it means that there will be some minor updates in the future to fix bugs (but I thinky there are hardly any/none left) but nothing more than that.

We'd better wait for DLH'98 for Linux now, shouldn't we (or is that DLH2000 for Linux?). Who knows?

I recommend that all users upgrade to the latest version.

What is the DLH?

The Dirty Little Helper is a cheats database with cheats for the PC, the Playstation, the Supernintendo, the Nintendo, the Nintendo 64, the Dreamcast, the Sega Saturn and the Gameboy. New systems are being added to the database. The database is the biggest cheat database available, and it's free! The database is over one hundred megabyte, but you don't have to download it all. The database is available at DLH.Net.

The Program

When the Dosversion of the DLH'98 was abandoned, I decided to create a new version. And here it is: DLH'98 for Dos! With all functions of the Windows program, it is nearly as good. Download it now!

Functions of DLH'98 for Dos:


I'd love to show you some screenshots, but that's real hard in Dos. (Try it!)


Click here to download DLH'98 for Dos v1.1 (196 kB)

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