TibEd 2

Latest update: November 2009, v2.1

About TibEd 2

TibEd 2 is a full rewrite of TibEd 1. The goal of TibEd 2 is to allow you to easily create, modify and deploy mods. It was designed with C&C3: Tiberium Wars in mind. At the moment, Tiberium Wars, Generals and it's expansion, Zero Hour are supported. If you want to edit other games, use TibEd 1.x.

You can post questions and comments in the TibEd support forum.

Be sure to read the TibEd 2 readme for usage instructions and the latest changes!

Click here to download TibEd 2 (9 MB)

Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth: This editor is no longer available. Download beta 3a if you are very fond of it and also install BFME Mod Launcher to use your mods. Support for this game will not return!


The entire edittree has been reorganized in beta 1 with easy-to-recognize images to help you find your way. Click the image below to see the entire window

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