TibEd 2 readme

TibEd 2 readme

Last update: 08-11-2009, version 2.1 (build 419)

Be sure to read everything below first. It contains some important notes.

Having problems? Suggestions? Discuss them in the TibEd support forum!


Known issues (to be resolved in future versions)

Please post bug reports in the TibEd forum. Please include precise steps on how to recreate problems/crashes. Be sure to include a log which can be shown using "Show log" found in the Debug menu.


Getting started

Using your mod (C&C3)

Press "Play mod" in TibEd 2
Press "Build mod" in TibEd 2. Launch the C&C3 Tiberium Wars Control Center. Select "Game Browser". Go to the "Mods" tab. Select your mod and launch!

Using your mod (Generals/Zero Hour)

TibEd 2 can create .BIG files, which are placed in a special folder under your Generals folder. By selecting "Export to game" from the toolbar, your mod will be exported so it is usable by Generals Mod Selector or BFME Mod Launcher. It will show up with the name and information you can find in "Mod Settings" in the edit window.

After exporting, your mod is not enabled. It is merely sitting there, until you actually use it. To use your mod, launch "Generals Mod Selector". This program allows you to play one of your mods, or the normal game. No more problems with having multiple mods installed: the launcher handles this properly, it launches the game with the special '-mod' switch present in Generals. If you do not run the game through the launcher, it will run the normal game.

Note: It is very important that you do not have any mods installed while using the Generals Mod Selector. Mods which consist of a single .BIG file are compatible with the program, provided they are placed in the Mods folder under your Generals (or Zero Hour) folder. A mod like Pro:Gen is not compatible with Generals Mod Selector, deactivate it first.


Notes on an unique name

TibEd 2 will automatically generate a Mod ID from the mod name. If two mod projects have the same ID, then if you export your mod, then the exported version of the other mod will be overwritten. This ID can be found under "Mod Settings" in the edit window, you can see/change it here.


Version history

TibEd 2.1 (build 419)
  • Completely changed the main user interface: instead of floating windows, TibEd 2 is now based on a browserstyle tab interface. The main menu and toolbar now use Office-style the Ribbons. Properly use XP-style components. Edit forms also use standard tabs now.
  • Upgraded to Delphi 2010, Unicode versions of all controls. Dropped Scintilla (no Unicode version available), lost syntax highlighting and line numbers
  • Added typing in the object tree: handy when going somewhere.
  • Build 407: Background images can now be JPG files as well.
  • Build 416: New default background image
  • Build 419: BUGFIX: Refresh list editor after adding empty/pasting
  • Build 419: Allow editing of ObjectCreationLists in Generals and Zero Hour (was missing since beta 5)
  • C&C3: Fixed case where Sage XML had Defines, but no Includes (crashed TheaterOfWarTemplate in C&C3 editor)
  • C&C3: Fixed case where Includes had a relative path (e.g. NODVertigo_SeedTiberium for the include of NODArmageddonBomber). The relative path is now rewritten properly.
  • C&C3: no longer use the vcredist_x86.exe for Visual C++ 2005 runtime. Now, it is packaged with the mod SDK. This saves a lot of installation time and unneeded DLLs.
  • C&C3: Nod Other->IonCannonShield crashed, Nod Other->Power Store crashed, because they are map-specific/singleplayer buildings. They should not have been there in the first place.
  • BUGFIX: built with PREFER_UNICODE on, and do not crash (unlike beta 5f)
  • BUGFIX: Dragging the tree form splitter now works
  • BUGFIX: fixed game folder browsing text
  • BUGFIX: fix main window not getting focus after starting new project
  • BUGFIX: Log window behaves better now: it has a taskbar button, and minimizes and closes properly
  • Known issue: inheritsFrom bug (for UpgradeTemplates); if the base object is in the same file, there is no include (yet). Should add:
    			source="DATA:GlobalData/Upgrade.xml" />
TibEd 2 beta 5f (build 119)
06-04-2008, last updated 05-05-2008
  • Change: no longer send ~TibEdMod.nnn directories to the recycle bin; delete them when closing TibEd.
  • BUGFIX: When editing objects with an inheritFrom field, no include would be added if the base object was in the same file. Editing UpgradeTemplates with an inheritFrom encountered this problem.
  • BUGFIX: problem with Defines sorted out (moving Defines to Mod.xml made them undefined until parsing of files had completed. Now they live in their own ModDefines.xml and the inclusion problem is solved). Old projects which exhibited the problem might have upgrade issues, move defines from Mod.xml to ModDefines.xml to fix them.
  • BUGFIX: invalidated ModFiles were None in the ModFileSystem cache, which caused crashing when opening them again for writing. Now the file is reopened correctly.
  • BUGFIX: when no game folder is set in the registry, the red warning message about an invalid game folder would not show (e.g. no auto-detect, no TibEd setting).
  • Initial version of the GUI editor, but adding keys does not work (clearly marked as incomplete in the GUI).
  • HOTFIX (02-05-2008): the ModFileSystem fix was not shipped. Additionally, TibEd used the installed version o the SDK, instead of the most recent one. This causes weird problems for people with a Mod SDK other than version 5 installed. Fixed.
  • HOTFIX (05-05-2008): problem with defines was not completely fixed: the include to ModDefines.xml was only created for the first file which pulled in a Define.
TibEd 2 beta 5e (build 114)
  • Command and Conquer 3 support remains experimental. Based on Mod SDK v5 and C&C3 v1.09
  • Updated to newer Mod SDK v5
  • Defines in C&C3 XML files are now moved to Mod.xml upon import, to prevent duplicate declarations (e.g. as happens when editing multiple weapons)
  • BUGFIX: Control Center menu item now actually launches the Control Center (instead of the game)
  • TibEd now warns about changing the game version built against
  • Supress spurious warnings that the mod wasn't build properly (while in fact it was)
  • BUGFIX: crash when editing something in the key-value editor, leaving the cursor in the edit box, and then closing the window
  • Numerous fixes to the flushing mechanism (changes present in the GUI weren't saved when pressing save/build mod, until the node was switched or explicitly saved)
  • Changed handling of C&C3 XML files internally.
  • PATCH (09-01-2008): Improve performance of importing large BIG files in Generals/Zero Hour editor.
  • PATCH (10-01-2008): Comments in C&C3 XML files are now preserved. However, comments added before the first tag of the file or after the last tag of the file will disappear when editing. Also, a minor fix to the namespace names (ns0: should no longer show up).
TibEd 2 beta 5d (build 113)
  • Command and Conquer 3 support remains experimental. To be used against Mod SDK v4 and C&C3 v1.09
  • Updated to newer Mod SDK
  • GameObject list a bit more complete
  • HOTFIX (17-12-2007): Fixed exporting of Generals/Zero Hour mods (UnicodeDecodeError)
TibEd 2 beta 5c (build 112)
  • Command and Conquer 3 support remains experimental. To be used against Mod SDK v2 and C&C3 v1.08
  • BUGFIX: Certain XML assets have a comment after them. Unfortunately, the XML parser cannot handle this and make the entry dissappear. To fix this, comments are stripped from the XML until a more permanent solution can be found.
  • BUGFIX: Files with multiple XML assets would keep about 50% of them around, instead of only keeping the one to be edited. Fixed.
  • Known issue: when editing multiple weapons, the XML Defines will be in both files. The Mod SDK does not like this and will complain about multiple definitions. To fix this, remove the defines at the top of all but one weapons (or other items with defines). Until TibEd handles the defines for you, this issue will remain.
  • Added Nod units and buildings to the list, thanks to brightemo
TibEd 2 beta 5b (build 111)
  • Command and Conquer 3 support remains experimental. To be used against Mod SDK v2 and C&C3 v1.08
  • BUGFIX: Building mods should now work on all machines (hardcoded path removed)
  • Added GDI units and buildings to the list, thanks to brightemo
TibEd 2 beta 5a (build 111)
  • Command and Conquer 3 support remains experimental. To be used against Mod SDK v2 and C&C3 v1.08.
  • XML editor now has a white background with a friendlier color scheme
  • Made XML validator more useful - by going to the line indicated if there is an error
  • Changed "No editor available for this node" text into "Select item to edit"
  • BUGFIX: Reopening files in the startup form now actually works
  • XML editor now shows the current line number
  • Hide C&C3 AssetBuilder error messages about missing art XML files (which are not really errors and can safely be ignored). Only the warnings of the built-in game files are hidden (you wouldn't want to hide all errors).
  • Dependencies of the C&C3 Mod SDK are now included in TibEd 2 installer. The user only needs to install the Mod SDK themselves.
TibEd 2 beta 5 (build 107)
  • Initial Command and Conquer 3 support (experimental). To be used against Mod SDK v2
  • BUGFIX: After invalidating a ParsedFile, the file can now be reopened (might have surfaced when using Project Explorer in Generals editor, otherwise it was exclusively found in the new C&C3 editor)
  • Made edit window more economic with screen real estate
TibEd 2 beta 4b (build 103)
Generals Mod Selector beta 11

  • Redesigned new project form on startup
  • Keys can now be deleted (right-click on the key name)
  • BUGFIX: No longer crashes when editing a value twice in a row
  • Upgraded internal components to newer versions
  • Support high-performance reading of large sections (not needed for Generals/Zero Hour editors, but useful for the future)
TibEd 2 beta 4a (build 100)
Generals Mod Selector beta 10
  • Compatible with Zero Hour from The First Decade, not yet with Generals (remains under investigation)
  • New default background for TibEd
  • Main window now has a standard Windows look
  • BUGFIX: TibEd main window no longer disappears into the background
  • BUGFIX: .TibEd2project file assocation now no longer crashes (due to mixhelp.dll being in the wrong folder), no longer loses the background texture and works with files which has spaces in the name
  • BUGFIX: Generals Mod Selector game folder detection for The First Decade
TibEd 2 beta 4 (build 99)
  • Compatible with The First Decade
  • Dropped support for LOTR: The Battle for Middle Earth
  • Complete BIG files can be imported to start a mod (Generals/Zero Hour)
  • INI parsers for Generals/Zero Hour now preserve comments
  • Enhanced: Game folder selection/detection now has browse button and feedback
  • Enhanced: Game language is now detected by looking for English.big, German.big, ... instead of using the registry
  • BUGFIX: remember the editor which was used in the previous run
  • BUGFIX: state restoration could lead to weird instability
  • Rewrote a lot of code: Python is used as a scripting backend (5000 lines of code) versus PascalScript (500 lines of code) in previous version. Lots of old Delphi code has been removed; overall 80% of TibEd 2 has been rewritten.
Generals Mod Selector beta 9
  • Compatible with The First Decade
  • BUGFIX: Game folder changes were not saved properly
TibEd 2 beta 3a (build 79)
  • Fixed a problem when user uses spaces in ModuleTag, causing the GeneralsINI parser to crash. The parser now automatically fixes this by replacing spaces with an underscore
  • Fixed a crashbug in the Generals and Zero Hour editors when opening music track entry.
TibEd 2 beta 3 (build 77)
  • LOTR: The Battle for Middle-earth editor
  • Fully automatic asset.dat creation from models if placed correctly (in /Art/W3D), essential to adding new models in BFME.
  • Property editors have been replaced by the high-quality ExpressVerticalGrid component. BFME only has the new ones, Generals/ZH also have the old ones available. The property editors are still a work in progress.
  • Added "Import folder" to the Project Explorer. You can import an entire folder at once using this, including subfolders.
  • A log window has been added which can show useful information, especially when tracking down bugs.
  • Optimized: The CSF parser is a lot faster
  • Optimized: The internal XML file format was tweaked a little bit to reduce memory usage
  • Change: BZIP2 compression for projects has been disabled to see if this solves reports of file corruption.
  • Change: The default project extension is now .TibEd2project to prevent TibEd 1 compatibility issues.
  • BUGFIX: The EditTree will now correctly handle paths which include special characters (like / or .) and not crash
  • BUGFIX: The INI parser now handles the & character correctly
  • BUGFIX: Export to BIG would not include all files if file did not exist already in the game
  • BUGFIX: Empty folders in a project would make the project unloadable
  • BUGFIX: Change notification (do you want to save before exit) should work no
  • Other minor changes and bugfixes
TibEd 2 beta 2 (build 69)
  • Adding of units, armors, upgrades, sciences, etc is back. Besides cloning (which was in alpha 13) now you can add empty items (so if items do of a type do not yet exists, you can add a new empty one), and you can copy/paste items of the same type between units. Also, object module editing is supported.
  • Deletion of list items is supported
  • Desktop saving: all windows you had open will be re-opened when your project is loaded from disk.
  • Object module and ObjectCreationList item editing have been reorganized to be easier to navigate
  • BUGFIX: Type attribute for Upgrades wasn't working properly
  • BUGFIX: when there were changes made to XML files (any changes at all) then I/O error 145 could occur.
  • BUGFIX: Runtime error 216 after I/O error 145 when one of the mod files could not be deleted. Now, I/O error 145 will lead to the proper error message.
  • BUGFIX: WorkerAIUpdate Behavior module key-value editing didn't work (used in GLA workers)
  • BUGFIX: WeaponSet and ArmorSet can now have multiple instances (game supports it), TibEd didn't support this previously.
TibEd 2 beta 1b (build 66)
  • BUGFIX: The registration system would fail to give you a 30-day trial if you did not have TibEd 2 installed previously. To counter this, this version will restart counting the days in your 30-day trail. If you didn't have any problems then you do not need this update.
TibEd 2 beta 1a (build 65)
  • Exporting mods works again
  • Add string menu entry removed: it isn't working at the moment (just like adding of everything, see beta 1)
  • In Generals FactionUnit.ini in an AIUpdateInterface Behavior module, AltTurret wasn't recognized as a tag. As a result files became corrupt. This should fix problems with editing the American Battleship.
  • In Generals FactionBuilding.ini, there are several Model keys which do not have a = in them; the TibEd parser was more strict than the Generals parser (and rightly so). I had to relax constraints in the parser to prevent TibEd from removing these keys (as they aren't valid). This happened only in AmericaPowerPlant but it is enough to break the game.
    Note: AnimationSpeedFactorRange key is also broken lots of times in FactionUnit.ini, so I guess EA isn't very strict in their INI files...
TibEd 2 beta 1 (build 63)
Generals Mod Selector beta 8
  • The entire TibEd 2 back-end has been replaced; it now uses XML internally and should be easier to extend with new fileformats (the old system only supported Generals INI files and CSF files; adding of another format would be a major problem).
  • The EditTree has been rewritten; it now uses a different addressing scheme which is better than the old one; however the Jump buttons in Property editors have been broken.
  • Registration system introduced: registered users can now unlock TibEd 2.
  • Possible bugs on user accounts for Windows 2000/XP with reduced access rights should be gone now.
  • Minor update to Generals Mod Selector

Missing compared to previous version

  • Adding of things
  • Jump buttons
TibEd 2 alpha 13 (build 54)
  • Only add changed INI files to exported BIG file (much smaller mods!)
  • Added Goto button to value editor for easy navigation
  • Added Upgrade.ini editing
  • Added ObjectCreationList.ini editing
  • Editing of Weapons has been categorized, missing keys added
  • Object modules:
    • Added UnitSpecificFX module
    • Finished UnitSpecificSounds
    • Added ClientUpdate module (not splitted into special types like behavior since rare)
    • BUGFIX: SpecialAbilityUpdate Behavior module was recognized as SpecialAbility module
  • You can now clone Locomotor, Armor, CommandSet and CommandButton
  • BUGFIX: Ghost windows no longer appear after closing a window before saving.
  • BUGFIX: When opening a mod of a different game than the one of the current game, the game folder and datafiles weren't switched to the other game!
  • BUGFIX: Cloning weapons didn't work properly in Zero Hour (no LF at the end of file there)
  • BUGFIX: If you didn't select the entry you wanted to clone first, you'd get a crash or the wrong entry cloned
TibEd 2 alpha 12 (build 49)
  • BUGFIX: no longer crashes on "Mod settings" and Commandbuttons
  • Console output disabled
  • Known problem: Zero Hour 1.0 reports missing file (Rank.ini) when starting a new project; EA added this file in the patch so update to 1.02 if this annoys you. A more permanent solution is being looked into.
TibEd 2 alpha 12 prerelease (build 47)
  • You can now add strings for Generals and Zero Hour mods
  • Added editing of Behavior modules for Generals and Zero Hour (all 177 of them!)
  • Added Science.ini editing
  • Added Rank.ini editing
TibEd 2 alpha 11 (updated build 46)
  • Fixed Zero Hour editor
TibEd 2 alpha 11 (build 44)
Generals Mod Selector beta 7 (API-2)
  • This version suffered from major 'release problems', and is ages too late.
  • Added "Clone weapon" and "Clone object", try the right mouse button inside the edit tree. Just make sure the name you enter for the cloned one is unique. All editwindows will close after cloning
  • All new edit component, with non-transparent background, but should be much easier to extend. Please check for major bugs in this editbox inside the property editor. Look at CommandButtons->SpecialPower to see it's support for buttons (not working yet).
  • Added CommandButton, CommandSet editing
  • Module editing is back in, but the datafiles still haven't been made
  • Mod Selector can now ignore game version (after many requests)
  • Build 45: extra debug information shown
TibEd 2 alpha 10 (build 36)
Generals Mod Selector beta 6 (API-2)
  • Added support for Zero Hour (internal changes for multi-game support made for this)
  • Updated property editor to work in TibEd 1 style: all keys are shown and created if they do not yet exist
  • Editing of modules of Objects disabled
  • User Interface enhancements: you can double-click on an editor to load it, the last editor used is selected and edit window size is saved.
  • Generals Mod Selector: Added support for Zero Hour
  • Generals Mod Selector: Fixed a bug with spaced game folders
TibEd 2 alpha 9 (updated build 30)
  • File preview for TGA files in the Project Explorer
  • You can now create new folders in the Project Explorer
  • BUGFIX: International support was broken, fixed now
  • BUGFIX: Trying to import a file from game resulted in a crash, fixed, as are other bugs in the Project Explorer and Game browser
TibEd 2 alpha 9 (build 29)
  • Implemented help system
  • The editwindow tree is not sorted alphabetically (instead of not sorted at all)
  • Project explorer now allows importing of normal files as well (besides game files) and you can now import entire folders from the game at once.
  • Preferences: you can now change settings
  • Missing files are now imported instead of giving a crash
  • BUGFIX: Scrollbar in game browser fixed
  • Other internal bugfixes (a memory leak and an evaluation error)
TibEd 2 alpha 8 (updated build 24)
  • BUGFIX: International support was broken for non-English languages since alpha 7
TibEd 2 alpha 8 (build 23)
  • Added installer
  • Added Project Explorer
  • Added file importing from game (note: not yet when files are missing)
  • Changed main window code, now starts up at the top and resizes properly.
  • BUGFIX: Redraw main window after open (filename correctly shown now)
TibEd 2 alpha 7 (build 20)
Generals Mod Selector beta 5 (API-1)
  • Added game language detection (just one default project now)
  • Added (experimental!) game browser, look under Debug -> Import (game browser). You can only browse, import is not yet functional
  • Changed game folder detection
  • Added resource system: resources are now loaded from TibEd2res.xml at runtime; still a work in progress
  • Added improved error messages; still a work in progress
  • Renamed Demo.exe to TibEd2.exe
  • BUGFIX: Internal variable evaluation fixed for multiple occurences
  • BUGFIX: Empty author showed just "Author" in Mod Selector instead of nothing
TibEd 2 alpha 6 (build 14)
  • Background saving: you're now able to almost immediately continue after saving; most work is done in the background. Only if you save twice in a row, you'll have to wait for the first save to finish since only one save can be done in the background at a time.
  • Added AutoSave: every 5 minutes, your changes will be saved. Default settings are a maximum of 20 AutoSaves and no more space than 20 MB. You cannot change these limits until I add Preferences
  • Recently used files list
  • Added protection against opening of TibEd 1 files: you receive an error now and no crashes
TibEd 2 alpha 5 (build 12)
  • Added user templates (just place .TIB files in your TibEd\Templates\Generals folder and they'll show up for Generals)
  • SpecialPower.ini editing added (note: breaks compatiblity with older files again)
  • Added Brazilian, Italian, Polish and Spanish as well, should now cover all language versions of Generals (note: please test if it works if you have a non-English version of Generals)
  • Added automatic version numbering (build number of TibEd shown in New Project dialog)
  • BUGFIX: Increased stability when there is no Generals folder (no game)

TibEd 2 alpha 4 (build 10), identifies itself as alpha 3, build 10

  • Weapon.ini editing added (note: breaks older files since Weapon.ini can't be imported)
  • You can now resize the edit tree
  • Up/down arrow keys work in the editing component
  • Edit forms now have buttons with captions above them, allows for multiple forms per node
  • Added textures for view forms
  • BUGFIX: No more useless + signs in the edit tree

TibEd 2 alpha 3 (build 8)
Generals Mod Selector beta 4 (API-1)

  • Added "Play game" link which launches the Generals Mod Selector
  • Added proper support for Unicode string files (Korean should now work, provided the font Arial supports Korean Unicode characters and you're on Windows 2000/XP)
  • Added project template support (built-in only for now), which allows you to choose between multiple languages
  • BUGFIX: GUI strings category of CSF files crashed, because there was a / inside the string name
TibEd 2 alpha 2 (build 3)
  • Added ZLib compression for loading/saving, which is now default (a lot faster than BZip2 in alpha 1, about 10 times). In the future, compression level will be a configurable option.
  • Added names in the edit tree
  • Added better fontchanging support in the edit component, heights are adjusted properly
TibEd 2 alpha 1 (build 2)
Generals Mod Selector beta 3 (API-1)
First semipublic test version
TibEd 2 tech preview 1 (build 1)
First test version sent to a few people
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