Voxel Section Editor II

The first voxel editor for Tiberian Sun (and RA2) was created by Will. Because he lost the sources, he was unable to finish it. A few months later, he started working on Voxel Section Editor II, which was open-source (so he'd never lose the source again). After Will lost interest in the Voxel Editor, it was first continued by Plasmadroid. I took Plasmadroid's version and improved it. So here is the Voxel Section Editor II (Will->Plasmadroid->Koen version).

Note: there are updated versions around by Stucuk which are newer than v1.7. These versions have new options which aren't found in v1.7. This version is also known as Voxel Section Editor III. Since I have not worked on that newer version, I prefer to continue distribution of this stable version for now.


Here's v1.7 (19-01-2003): Download v1.7 final

A little version history


revisions by Koen

1.6 beta 3

revisions by Koen

1.6 beta 2

revisions by Kamil (Plasmadroid)
- 3D View!

revisions by Koen
- added my own auto-normals routine (based on file knormals.ini).
- merged Will's 1.6 beta with my 1.41 beta and with Kamil's 3d version, giving 1.6 beta 2
- BUGFIX: 3D View doesn't crash on non-cuboid voxels
- UPDATE: 3D View memory leak fixed (I think; I removed a lot of TBitmap creates/frees).
- BUGFIX: 3D View should now be able to handle voxel sections with > 9000 voxels too.
- NOTE: Kamil made the 3D view, I just tweaked it a little :)

1.6 beta

revisions by Will
- can auto-normalise! Place normal-scheme files (.normals) in the same directory as the editor, and they appear in the Sections|Autonormals menu (if they loaded correctly)
- can optimise better! The remove-redundant-voxels function now does not remove voxels that are on the underside of slopes, stopping holes appearing in the model in the game
- BUGFIX: replaced recusive search for model outsides with a multi-pass algorithm, stopping stack overflows in very large voxel models with a lot of outside space in them
- BUGFIX: normals spectrum not set when openning new models
- BUGFIX: auto-normalise and optimise now clear the undo buffer (and warn the user that they will)
- BUGFIX: normals spectrum now based upon the normals scheme for the section
- BUGFIX: normals now shown when the normals mode is selected
- CODE REVIEW: like Koen and Plasmadroid's work! Thanks for all the effort, lads!
- 1.5 skipped to allow for working versions by Koen and Plasmadroid

1.4 final

revisions by Koen
- Header editing (partially)
- BUGFIX: Voxel.LoadFromFile didn't close file! Messed up things when in plug-in mode.
- BUGFIX: No more ToolBar Resize button causes an error (when no file open)
- Little improves in: Scroll Box (Zoom in & out)
- About box backgroung image changed
- Rectangle tool now supported - simply click Rectangle button (left Bar) and: first click on PaintBox = Rectangle begin, second click (anywhere) = Rectangle End
- RectangleFill Tool is now supported too. [Kamil ^aka Plasmadroid^]
- Floodfill: It now actually does what you'd expect: fill an entire area.
- Color Select Tool added.
- Brush tool added: You can choose Brush with one of 4 sizes.
- Added Flip commands (Flip X, Y and Z)
- Added Mirror commands (Mirror Horizontal/Vertical)
- Added Nudge commands (Nudge Left/Right/Up/Down)
- BUGFIX: The Undo/Redo commands didn't update the two small views.
- BUGFIX: When switching direction of a view, clicks weren't translated properly (old ZBuffer bug again).
- BUGFIX: Det part of the header wasn't set correctly when adding new section.
- This version will be available as a TibEd plug-in along with TibEd v1.4
- Loads of small changes and bugfixes, but I can't remember them all.

1.4 beta

These changes are listed with 1.4 final

1.3 beta

1.2 beta

1.11 beta

1.1 beta

Plasmadroid's changes

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