VPatch - Free Patch Generator

VPatch is a free patch generator which can generate small patch files which can update old versions to new versions. This means that if the old version is installed on the user system, you can patch it to the new version, and you don't have to distribute the full new version, only the much smaller patch.

When distributing patches, you can attach the patch to the patch runtime in either EXE form, or in NSIS 2 plugin form.

Also, check out NSIS, which is an installation system. If you have questions about VPatch, you can ask me.

Note: VPatch is now open-source and is included inside NSIS 2. However, NSIS 2 does not include the GUI (it does include the GUI source though). You can download the GUI with the VPatch distribution available below. Note that this distribution is just a zipped version of the files in NSIS, with the GUI included.


If you want to encourage future work on VPatch, or are a very happy user, you can make a donation using the button below.

Latest release

VPatch 3.2 (January 2008)

VPatch 3 and NSIS

If you want to use VPatch 3 with NSIS, be sure to upgrade the plugin included with NSIS. NSIS 2.09 and lower contain the 2.1 plug-in which cannot handle the new patch files. You can find a compiled version of the updated plugin below. Extract it to the Plugins folder within your NSIS folder.


VPatch 3.2 installer
VPatch 3.2 ZIP
You can find the NSIS VPatch plugin inside both archives as vpatch.dll inside the Source\NSISPlugin folder.

Previous version: VPatch 2.1 (december 2003)

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