Command & Conquer 3 No Logo Mod

Do you like waiting 10 seconds for the EA logo movie to play when C&C3 starts? If not, then you should keep on reading. The CnC3 No Logo Mod will disable the logo at the startup of CnC3. This will save you 10 seconds everytime you start the game!

The No Logo Mod is very easy to use: download the mod installer and run it!


There are two versions of the CnC3 No Logo mod: a version for the original game, and a version for the Kane's Wrath expansion.
Download CnC3 No Logo Mod (last update: April 14th, 2007)
Download CnC3 Kane's Wrath No Logo Mod (last update: April 2nd, 2008)

Game updates

The No Logo Mod will remain properly activated if you use the online update functionality found in the game. If you use the updates downloadable from the official C&C3 website, then you need to reinstall the No Logo Mod after installing the update. So, be sure to bookmark this page!

No support is given

As is common for game modifications, use this mod at your own risk. It works on my PC, but perhaps it won't on yours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I still play online with the No Logo Mod?

Yes, you can. This mod only changes the list of in-game videos (video.ini) - which is not relevant for online play.

Do the other in-game movies/cutscenes/FMV still work?

Yes, they do.

Technical details

This mod changes the file "Core\1.1\Config.txt" in your CnC3 game folder. A backup of this file is restored when this patch is uninstalled. Additionally, a new file called "Core\1.1\no_ea_logo.big" is created. The mod will not work when the CnC3 folder is not properly stored in the Windows registry or when the game has not yet been patched to v1.1 or higher. The functionality of this mod should be preserved if you update your game through the online update found in CnC3, which is an incremental update. A downloadable EXE update for the game will make this mod stop working. Reinstall this mod to activate it again.

For the Kane's Wrath version of the C&C3 No Logo Mod, the technical details are the same, except for the location of the files (they are in "Core\1.0" instead of "Core\1.1") and the name of the BIG file ("kw_no_ea_logo.big" instead of "no_ea_logo.big").


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