Generals Mod Selector

Generals Mod Selector allows you to easily use mods. It works with modifications which consist of a single .BIG file, which is the native file format of Generals. Mods which are placed in a folder called "Mods" inside the Generals folder are automatically listed inside Generals Mod Selector.

With Generals Mod Selector, you can use modifications and still play the normal game as well, with no effort. All you have to do is launch Generals Mod Selector when you want to use a mod, select it, and press "Play". If you run the normal Generals shortcut, then you will play the normal Generals game. You can also select "Normal game" inside the mod selector as well, and then you will play Generals with no modifications installed as well.

Generals Mod Selector

Generals Mod Selector is included with TibEd 2. In the future, a standalone version will be available as well.

Please note that not all mods are compatible with Generals Mod Selector. Mods which consist of a single file with the ".BIG" extension will work without problem, but mods with their own installer/launcher are not. As long as you make sure you do not have any incompatible mods activated while using Generals Mod Selector, all will be well.


For mod makers: how to make your mod compatible

All you have to do to make your mod compatible with Generals Mod Selector is to make sure that you put all your files inside a single .BIG file. As soon as this file is placed in the "Mods" folder inside the Generals folder, then it will be selectable inside the Mod Selector.

There are some optional things you can do as well, to improve the information shown about your mod. To do this, you should include a file called "ModInfo.ini" inside the root of your .BIG file. Here's an example of such a file:

Name=My first mod
Author=Koen van de Sande

This file contains all the options possible in Generals Mod Selector, you only have to include the ones you want to use. Read further below for an explanation of all the options.

Values Explanation
Name, Author, Email, Website, Date Information about your mod that will be shown when your mod is selected.
Icon Replaces the icon shown for your mod. This file can be a 32x32 .ICO file or a .BMP file.
IconTransparent Set this to make the lower left corner color of a .BMP file the transparent color for an icon
MajorVersion, MinorVersion Will show a version number for your mod. If MajorVersion=1 and MinorVersion=0, then the number shown will be "1.0"
RequiredMajorVersion, RequiredMinorVersion Required version of the game. If your mod requires version 1.5 or higher of Generals, then set this to RequiredMajorVersion=1, RequiredMinorVersion=5
RequiredModSelectorVersion Version of the Mod Selector required. All current versions have "1" as their version. If a future version introduces new futures, then this number will be increased. By including this value for your mod, you can require that Mod Selector be upgraded before it works with your mod.
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