TibEd 1 Frequently Asked Questions

If your question/problem isn't mentioned here, please make a post in the Support Forum or contact Tech Support.

Editing problems

How come my unit won't build?

You need to check several properties:

How do I change the name of my unit/How can I get rid of the "MISSING:" message (Red Alert 2)

Red Alert 2 has a very own way of handling unit names - they are not stored inside the Rules.ini file (which you're editing in TibEd), but in a file called RA2.CSF (or RA2MD.CSF for Yuri's Revenge).
The "Name" property on the General #1 page of TibEd has no effect. Instead, you must use the UIName property. You can take the following steps to succesfully add a new name for a unit:

Note: You do not have to use "Name:MYUNIT", you can use almost any string instead of MYUNIT. Just be sure it does not conflict with existing ID's - for example, "Name:TANYA" is already used for Tanya!

I want to add a new unit inside my (mod) map

You can not add new units inside a map. The game (Tiberian Sun, RA2, RA2 Yuri's Revenge) doesn't support the adding of units inside maps.

General problems

My changes don't appear in the game!

If you load a saved game, you have to restart the mission before your changes kick in.

How do I make my own map for Red Alert 2?

FinalAlert is the official Red Alert 2 Map Editor. TibEd is not a map editor, but an unit editor! You can download FinalAlert on the following locations:

Red Alert 2: ftp://ftp.westwood.com/pub/redalert2/fa2beta/FA2BETA1.EXE

Yuri's Revenge: ftp://ftp.westwood.com/pub/redalert2/fa2beta/FA2YR.EXE

You can use TibEd to put your changes inside maps (these maps are called 'mod maps'). Some people regard mod maps as cheating!

My changes don't work online (games are not compatible/out of sync)

Before the game starts on Westwood Online, a check is made whether you have active changes. If you do, the game refuses to start. The only way this can be resolved is if *both* players have the *exact* same changes installed.
You could also try putting your changes into maps, but then both sides need the same map.

Where do I find the ingame graphics/audio? / What are MIX files for?

MIX files are a ZIP-like file format for Command & Conquer games. They are archives which contain multiple other files (like graphics and audio). You can read and edit these files using the XCC Utilities. The XCC Utilities can be found on http://xccu.sf.net. You have to use XCC Mixer to read the MIX files. Not only can this great program read MIX files, but you can also use it to view most graphics of the game.

Installation problems

Installer is too small / Installer CRC incorrect / Not a valid Win32 application

Installation failed because the setup program wasn't fully downloaded, or damaged during download. Please redownload, and try to use a Download manager like Gozilla or Getright which work very well.

Problems when starting TibEd

The shareware period immediately expires (day 99)

This happened on Windows 2000 and XP, and is resolved as of v1.52.

Runtime error 429 'ActiveX Object cannot create component'

You can install the OCX'es only (updated version), which fixes this problem. This installs SSTBars2.ocx, SSTree.ocx and a few other DLLs. If this doesn't help, please contact Tech Support.
If you're using the v1.3x setup, selecting "No" when setup asks you whether you'd like to restart resolves this problem.

Runtime error 7 'Out of memory'

Upgrade to v1.3. This version uses less resources and this error is less likely to occur. If it still does, close down some programs running in the background until TibEd works.

Runtime error 481 'Invalid picture type'

This error occurs on Chinese versions of Windows. Deactivating background texture helps sometimes (run TibEd->Preferences...->Turn 'Texture' off). Let me know if this works for you. Note that this doesn't mean TibEd works on Chinese Windows!

Runtime error 76 'Path not found' in InitMainIni

This error occurs when loading progress indicator is at 0%. The directory specified in the enviroment variable "TEMP" doesn't exist. Start a DOS-Prompt and type 'SET' (without quotes). Look for an entry with 'TEMP='. Behind it is a directoryname. Make sure that this directory actually exists!

Runtime error 13  'Invalid type' in RegLoadSettings

This has been fixed in v1.22. Occured often in German versions of Windows.

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