TibEd 1 screenshots

These screenshots are slightly outdated, but TibEd still looks the same. If you have some nice screenshots, you can send them.

Screenshots of TibEd v1.1 - Dune 2000

Who says a devastator should be slow?

Power plants make up half my base, but that's going to change!

TibEd v1.1 - Tiberian Sun

Meteorites should always be on!

The name-previewing in action (for my slightly modified Cyborg)

Watch out for KITT!

I don't like it when my Tech Center is eaten by those veins

Now why does that MultiMissile take so long?

The changes browser

TibEd Professional startup screen

Old screenshots of beta 2/3/4 - TibEd looks different slightly now

I am adding a new Mammoth Mark II...

Wow, this is a screenshot of what beta 4 will bring: RA-Edit in TibEd!

Another beta 4 preview: Multiple editors: Select your game and language!





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